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Thank you very much, Mr. Turnbull and Madam Chair.
I hate to belabour the point. This is me as a newbie rookie here, and I apologize. This is an observation.
I know Mr. Richards and Mr. Brassard were talking about the high-level discussion. We're talking about the Standing Orders right now, but for me, reading this over, with our wanting to get the collaboration and get as much consensus as we can, I'm having some concerns or some questions about virtual Parliament. What is it exactly? It is 100% virtual. Is there a hybrid? I think there is some merit in having a discussion of how we can go back and forth on that a little. I think it's a good compromise. Just as we're going through, we don't deal with the hybrid model until later at the end.
I know we're trying to get done by six o'clock, and I'll wrap this up. I just think there are some things where, to me, changing the Standing Orders, knowing that's the direction we're going in, there is some balance to that. There are some safety measures, of course, that are in that. I think it balances the members, like Ms. Blaney and Ms. Petitpas Taylor, who very appropriately talk about their struggles in the current context of being able to get back to Ottawa. For those in a small number, whatever is deemed safe by the appropriate health and safety part of the House administration....
I just think these high-level conversations might actually expedite a conclusion to a lot of these things. If that's a no-go and that's an area where the majority don't want to go, okay, but I really think that could actually help make our report better, give some recommendations and build on them. I have several reasons as to why I think in the short term and in the long term a hybrid option is good to getting us back safely, at some point down the road, to our regular times, whenever that may be.
I'll just leave it at that. As we go through that bit by bit, we're going to have this trouble, I think. I'm struggling with it, frankly.
Thank you.
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