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I appreciate that clarification, Mr. Turnbull.
Through you, Madam Chair, again to Mr. Turnbull, currently under the committee structure that we've been using, we've now been seeing virtual sittings on Tuesday and Thursday, and we've also seen an in-person sitting on Wednesday. Is that the idea of what would constitute a virtual Parliament in this situation or...? Again, the challenge that I have is that there's really not a clear definition of “virtual Parliament”. Our paradigm of what it is is what exists today, but we've also heard and seen evidence around the world, particularly in the Westminster system, where a hybrid Parliament can replicate more so the type of virtual Parliament.... Perhaps if it's good enough for Westminster then it's good enough for us.
I'm just trying to find out the paradigm of what a virtual Parliament should look like in the context of this recommendation, and I say that through you, Madam Chair, to Mr. Turnbull.
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