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Lib. (ON)
Okay. I can see where you're coming from, absolutely. I have felt a need to interject at some points. I will try to do that less.
At the beginning of each meeting, I generally used to go through the motion, the order of reference that we were given by the House of Commons. In today's meeting and in the last meeting, I chose not to do so because we didn't have any witnesses or, necessarily, any new members. However, I'm trying to point back to the statement that I would have made at the beginning of the meeting, reminding us of what we were tasked to do, and virtual Parliament was one of the prongs listed.
There is a recommendation that, going through the report later on, we might want to bring this up again. It talks about future studies and visions. A virtual Parliament is part of the order of reference.
I agree with some of your other points, for sure. Let's hear from the other committee members as to where they stand on it.
Mr. Brassard.
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