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Lib. (ON)
Thank you, Mr. Chair.
My riding of Davenport is full of so many talented artists, creators and those working in cultural industries. Most of them have been impacted economically in a significant way by COVID-19. Despite this, many of them have stepped up during this pandemic, sharing free songs, poems and stories online and also putting on impromptu concerts on their porches to put a bit of joy and levity into our days.
Indeed, we saw Canadian artists step up during some of our darker moments during the pandemic, including the virtual vigil tribute to the victims of the Nova Scotia tragedy. We saw them come out to produce hopeful memories and hopeful moments when 86 Canadian artists took part in the Stronger Together virtual show, getting us to sing and dance while helping to raise money for Food Banks Canada amid the pandemic.
Can the Minister of Canadian Heritage please tell this House how our federal government is allocating the $500 million in emergency funds for the arts and culture sector and how fast they'll be flowing? Too many organizations have lost operating income and need this funding as quickly as possible.
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