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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Chair, through you, I want to take a moment to thank the member for Northwest Territories for his tremendous advocacy on behalf of his constituents. We recognize the fiscal constraints the territories are experiencing during these very difficult times. We will continue to ensure the people of the Northwest Territories have the help they need to get through this crisis.
This issue is on the radar and I'd like to thank the member for his important advocacy. I also want to thank him for his work on the Standing Committee on Finance, supporting our government as we take steps to support Canadians in this unprecedented time. As the member may know, over 7.8 million Canadians have applied for the Canada emergency response benefit, nearly 600,000 businesses have applied and been approved for the Canada emergency business account and, starting tomorrow, applications will open for the Canada emergency student benefit. As well, we have announced a one-time, tax-free increase to the old age security and guaranteed income supplement, ensuring our most vulnerable seniors receive an extra $500 to help them through these difficult times.
In these times, Canadians should not have to worry about paying their bills and rent or putting food on the table. I can assure the member our government is one—
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