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Lib. (NT)
Thank you, Mr. Chair.
I'll be splitting my time with the member for Davenport.
My question is for the Minister of Finance. Our government has rolled out a historic number of supports to help those experiencing significant financial burdens during this pandemic, supports for individuals, businesses, NGOs and governments. Some of these have been amended and adjusted to improve their impacts as time has brought us more knowledge and greater awareness of those who are falling through the gaps. This flexibility continues to be needed in the north.
While I know the Government of Northwest Territories welcomes Canada's strong and targeted economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has asked for an increase to its federally imposed borrowing limit. Whether a temporary increase or a more permanent one, it needs this flexibility to address the dual COVID-19 related own-source revenue and expenditure shocks. This limit increase will help territorial governments with short-term needs, but also ensure a more successful and robust economic recovery over the longer term.
I hope the finance minister has taken this request under advisement and has some good news to announce very soon.
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