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Lib. (ON)
My thanks to the hon. member for his question.
I completely agree that the pandemic crisis is truly very serious in Canada and very serious also in Quebec, especially in Montreal. A few days ago, I spoke with Valérie Plante, the mayor of Montreal, and I will be speaking with her again tomorrow. Our government is very involved. We are working in close collaboration with others.
At the same time as we are holding a virtual sitting of Parliament, the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces are providing their assistance to seniors in Quebec and Ontario. Let me take this opportunity to thank them.
As for health funding, we have increased the funds for the provinces and territories by $500 million in order to help them prepare to fight COVID-19. It is very important to do so.
Finally, let me assure the provinces that the federal government is here to help you in the fight against COVID-19, including the funding for that fight against COVID-19.
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