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Mr. Giroux and Dr. Yan, thank you very much for being here. You're rock stars, because you protect the public interest. You're very credible when you talk about issues during the pandemic, and in terms of coming out of the pandemic, you've identified a number of ways in which the government can ensure that we stop handing out money to Canada's wealthiest corporations and actually invest it to make a difference for people.
Another aspect of the recovery is making sure that every dollar counts, and we're actually making investments that help people, so I have to ask the question. You've explored the issue of the Trans Mountain pipeline. We spent a billion dollars more than we should have to purchase it, and recent construction costs have been evaluated at anywhere from $15 billion to $20 billion. It's the biggest boondoggle in Canadian history.
I'm wondering if you have a revised construction cost or whether the PBO has been looking into the escalating construction costs of Trans Mountain, and also whether you're looking into the escalating costs of climate change and its impacts on government operations, of course, and the Canadian economy.
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