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Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
Mr. Giroux, thank you for being here today.
We just talked about the cuts that will have to be made or the austerity measures that will have to be taken as a result of COVID-19. Of course, there are other solutions.
We just talked about the money that is going into tax havens rather than flowing into our collective investments. Once the crisis is behind us, we could take measures in that regard. That could be part of the solution and could improve the quality of life of Canadians.
As Mr. Poilievre said, and I do not often agree with him, given that the debt households will be racking up because of all the cuts to federal public services, after the pandemic, we will have to allocate the resources necessary to improve people's quality of life.
I have two questions to ask about that.
First, there is one sector that benefited from this crisis, and that is the web giants. Has your office looked into how much money Canada is losing from the fact that these web giants often do not pay taxes or even employment insurance premiums for their employees and do not contribute to the Quebec pension plan or the Canada pension plan? Have you ever looked into that? If not, would you be prepared to do so?
Second, other countries already have a wealth tax. I know that you analyzed the positive impact of such a tax during the election campaign. Could you tell us the findings of that study? What level of investment must be made for the good of all Canadians?
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