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Thank you for that because I think, obviously, there is going to be some pressure from Bay Street to push austerity models. We're seeing many people, of course, who are struggling to make ends meet, so the idea of austerity coming out of the pandemic does not make any sense.
You have traced, I think, a possible path coming out of the pandemic, and that's with your landmark report from last year, your call that came on the final day of our last Parliament. On June 21 you presented a landmark report, “Preliminary Findings on International Taxation”, talking about the impact of international tax havens on taxes in Canada. In the conclusion you said it would represent, if we include electronic funds transfers, “approximately $164 billion in taxable income and $25 billion of tax revenues lost.”
Since that time, have you been able to see additional figures? You said at the time, on June 21, that this was a relatively conservative estimate. Do you have an idea now of the upper threshold of those tax revenues, the monies that we have in common to make investments in programs and jobs, and how much of that is not part of what the federal government should be collecting?
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