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I don't have an opinion on whether or not it should be split, because I don't think we've come to a core motion. I have concerns about splitting it. For me, the whole factor in this is that right now, as we have moved through COVID-19, we have had a lot of party collaboration and I think, regardless of whether we're in a majority or minority Parliament, making sure that all parties have a voice is really important. My concern would be that if we took it out of this recommendation we would lose that.
The other thing I want to say, given some of the comments made earlier, is that none of these recommendations, in my opinion, identifies what the Standing Orders should be. It is just setting up something specifically to address this type of issue. I think that is, in fact, part of the reason we were sent to do this work, to create a bit of a framework for us to move forward.
That's all I have to add right now.
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