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Thank you very much. There's no question that, as you indicated already, seniors on these fixed incomes are not being recognized by the government as being in need of support during this COVID period. As such, they have not come in with what would be a much simpler approach—namely, a direct universal benefit for all. That would capture seniors, students and everybody else instead of the complicated system we have today. I appreciate your comments on that.
I now want to turn to the long-term care issue that both witnesses touched on. There's no question that throughout this pandemic, the failures of the system for our seniors in long-term care facilities have been highlighted. One of the issues, of course, is that we see a stark difference between the private long-term care facilities versus the not-for-profit long-term care facilities.
To that end, Ms. Lennox, can you comment on whether you would support national standards being established, which you've already spoken to, in a care guarantee? What would that entail?
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