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Great. Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
My question is for the Canadian Cattlemen's Association.
I understand that one of the requests was for the set-aside program. However, if you look at Alberta's example, the last time they had a set-aside program in place was to deal with BSE. Alberta's attorney general at that time, later on, found that a large amount of the money went to big multinational corporations like Cargill and Tyson Foods.
With the current crisis we're in, I want to hear your thoughts on how we ensure that the money is making its way to smaller-scale cow-calf operators, and what we do with the huge glut that will result from it later on in the fall, because we know that's going to depress prices.
A lot of small-scale operators are going to be in some really deep red ink as a result of this. I want to ensure that this program is not going to the huge multinationals but to the smaller-scale operators, who will desperately need it.
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