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2020-05-07 17:58
Thank you.
One of the things we haven't touched too much on just yet and that I think is important is that this country actually had spectrum auctions and gained $20 billion of revenue for essentially no real product for which they had a cost to roll out. The spectrum has taken in around $20 billion—the last numbers are going to be even more important for our future—and we haven't put that back into the system.
In fact, what we've done is that we've created a very low competition market. We have areas that are poorly serviced, by design, in what we have now. We've had experiments in the past, through Maxime Bernier, in regard to opening up for foreign competition, but then at the same time not even having mandates to protect that competition or allowing it to do anything other than just having a precursor introduction into our market.
Still, what we don't have yet is a basic package commitment from the government, and 2030 is absurd. That's just not acceptable.
My first question is for you, Ms. Tribe, with regard to the universality suggestion you made. I think there is an example that was handled poorly in the past, when we actually forced a skinny package for cable and Internet providers for news and basic services. There should be a political decision or a drive to mandate a basic set of services at a lower price at the minimum threshold you should expect for a Canadian who needs to use the Internet now more than ever before.
Even before COVID, we saw government services moving online. We've reduced public offices where you can actually get service and help and we've streamed people to online services. We've made it even more important to be connected, let alone that it is important for your education, the economy and so forth.
With regard to your suggestion of a basic package, can you highlight a bit of what you would see as features for that?
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