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If you could, please do so. When I'm talking about expired.... If people with expired work permits, for example, have lost their jobs and their work permits expired right at the cusp of that period, they actually don't have implied status. They are in a very difficult situation, and I wonder what will happen to those individuals. That's what I'm concerned about. If we could get those numbers, it would be very helpful. I think it's misleading to say that it's being processed within one week when it doesn't apply to all categories.
On the question of exemptions, I've asked the minister about exemptions for people receiving CERB and other government emergency support at this time. On the IRCC website, the only place I can find where the exemption is indicated, where people would not be penalized in the immigration process, is for spousal, parents' and grandparents' applications. There's no language about applications for TFWs, for example. I brought this to the minister's attention. That is, I think, a technical oversight. I wonder if the ministry will fix this oversight on its website. I looked just this morning, and I have not seen an update.
As well, do you have any further information with respect to exemptions for other government emergency benefits, aside from CERB?
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