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Thank you for your answer, but the reality is, as we know, it's the CFL players who are at the heart of CFL football.
Mr. Chair, I think there's a compelling argument to have the CFL Players' Association before our committee. I think it's important that we hear from them as quickly as possible.
Mr. Ambrosie, as has been pointed out, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment has $4 billion in assets. The Edwards family has over $1 billion in assets. The Greenberg family has $1.5 billion in assets. These are all part of the ownership group around the CFL.
Many Canadians are suffering a lot and are really struggling to put food on the table. They are struggling with minimum wage front-line jobs and keeping a roof over their head. I'm sure they would be asking the question: Why are these owners, who are extraordinarily wealthy in Canadian terms, not stepping up to provide supports for the CFL at this critical time?
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