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Thank you very much.
I'd like to direct my next question to Ms. Carter.
Ms. Carter, you've very eloquently put the case of the importance of providing support to our airports across the country. Obviously we have to keep pushing to make sure that the municipal airports that are operated municipally are also part of that equation. You've spoken about the capital investments, the operations and the regulations. One thing that we haven't yet spoken about is the workers.
There are, of course, supports that should be brought to bear for the airport sector, but we want to make sure that the workers who were there prior to this crisis are not going to see a marked deterioration in their quality of life coming out of this crisis.
Can the Canadian Airports Council confirm that in terms of the wage subsidy, it would be 100% of wages and benefits that would be provided to workers? Also, as you mentioned, it's going to be a very long climb back up, so can you confirm that the airports are willing to give 24-month recall rights so that airport workers have the opportunity to come back into their jobs and then contractors at Canadian airports will be considered as successor employers so that new contractors can't use this crisis to lower wages and eliminate benefits?
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