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Thank you very much, and I thank the finance ministry officials for getting back both to me and to Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, the member of Parliament for Nunavut. As I'm sure everybody can understand, there are grave concerns about that outbreak and what it could mean, so the quicker the response the better.
There are also concerns about broadband support, because there is an application to provide better broadband access in all the communities in Nunavut. If government officials could come back on that as well.... I don't expect that anyone would be able to answer that immediately, but if they could come back today or tomorrow with a response on that as well, it would be very important.
Of course we're very concerned. It was an outbreak that had been stopped for over a month and a half, and now unfortunately, it has touched Pond Inlet and we're certainly thinking of the residents of Nunavut now.
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