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Lib. (ON)
Online...? I'm sorry to interrupt, but I did try the online link. I was set to go. We were ready to hit the click button and then were told, “No, we don't have your special code that you need to enter.” We said that was fine, that we would come and do it in person. When we went to do it in person, they said, “No, we're not ready for you to do this in person yet.”
Again, I want to stress that I would not be saying this if it was just my riding. I've heard this from multiple ridings.
I guess there's a bigger question here. I have two minutes and I want to give you time to answer this. There was a majority government. We knew four years in advance exactly when the election date was going to be. This is a minority Parliament now. We don't know.... The election could be called this afternoon, for all we know, but hopefully not, for our sake and yours. If it is called, how can you reassure Parliament that you're ready to go and all the systems are in place? I'd like to give you the remaining minute and a half to answer that.
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