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Lib. (ON)
I'd encourage you to do some exit interviews with your returning officers, maybe, to find that out, because it's not just one riding or another. Also, I'm not even referring to my riding. I'm referring to what I've heard.
Another interesting thing that I found personally—and this was in my riding—is that the returning officer in my riding was extremely capable and did an excellent job. I just don't know if they had the resources that they needed in time, but I've also heard about this in other ridings.
For example, on the day the writ was issued, I went to file as a candidate and was told that they were not ready for anybody to file as a candidate. I know that this happened in other ridings too. We had to wait about five or six days. Where this poses a problem is that we can spend money in the pre-writ period through our EDAs, our electoral district associations, and that's properly recorded. We can spend money as a candidate during the writ period, and that's separate, but there's this four- or five-day window between them, where, technically speaking—and you can correct me if I'm wrong—we shouldn't have been spending money.
First of all, is that correct?
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