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Lib. (ON)
I want to say that I had the opportunity recently to visit the member's riding and a local business called Mabata, which is a great restaurant and a success story involving an immigrant entrepreneur, a self-starter who is not only a great business leader but a great chef. I look forward to going back soon.
It's another example showing that the Atlantic immigration pilot, which is an innovation to ensure that we understand the needs of Atlantic Canada—the labour shortages, what the community's needs are—and bake them into our policy architecture so that we can tap into that knowledge and align it with the skills and experience of those who wish to come from around the world to settle in Atlantic Canada, is indeed part of my mandate.
What we hope to do now is take the successes of that pilot and make them permanent. Over the course of my mandate, and as I said in my remarks, we hope, in very short order, to be tabling our levels plans and take the necessary steps beyond that to ensconce the Atlantic immigration perspective as part of our year-over-year approach.
This is about working with local businesses, working with local chambers, working with local leaders in Atlantic Canada to encourage immigration to that part of the country, because we know that the demographic challenges there are very real—an aging workforce, retirement rates that are accelerating and the labour shortages we have seen and studied very closely. This pilot will allow us to continue to build on the successes of it, going forward.
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