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Lib. (ON)
I'd like to congratulate my honourable colleague on assuming the portfolio as my critic. I look forward to working with you, sir, both today at this committee and in the future.
I am indeed very proud of the work of my department and of this government when it comes to our humanitarian efforts. I am aware of this case and will say that I had the opportunity recently to speak with Mr. Earle. I want to underline that I understand and respect his frustration and know that these cases are difficult because they have a profound impact on people's lives.
I have seen the decision; I have been briefed on it, and as you rightly pointed out, the court does remit the matter back to an official.
It is my position, the position of our government, that we should let due process unfold. We look forward to providing an update to you and to the members of this committee, and to the public more generally, when we have that decision.
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