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2020-03-11 17:14
Thank you, Mr. Chair, and thank you to all of our panellists today.
From the perspective of an MP who lives in a northern rural region, I really appreciate the work that economic diversification projects do in Canada and how you work with communities and stakeholders. It has definitely been one of the more successful programs we've seen offered in rural Canada in the time I've been involved, so thank you for that.
My questions are going to be focused more on the Atlantic region, so thank you, Mr. Maillet, for joining us today.
We did talk about softwood lumber a bit and the aid package the Government of Canada put in place, the $867 million. I want to indicate that it's not administered through the development corporations or the diversification agencies, but it has been a critical piece in addressing the forestry needs and gaps that are there. In budget 2019, the government allocated $250 million over the next three years to be focused on projects within the forestry sector. I'm not sure if your agencies are a part of delivering any of that particular funding. If so, I'd like to hear about it.
My question is regarding the Atlantic region. Is there targeted funding under ACOA that is designed for the forestry sector? Is there a specific targeted pot of money you can access to respond to the needs of what you're seeing in Nova Scotia right now with Northern Pulp? That would be my first question.
Secondly, under the agency itself, are there any programs that are specifically designed for targeted industries? If not, how do you weigh out how investments are made in each of the sectors?
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