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2020-03-11 16:57
We're talking about $6 million.
In the same period, in British Columbia, $200 million was provided to fight the spruce budworm. In the western provinces, $75 million was provided. These figures show that Quebec may not have enough power in this federation and that it's somewhat overlooked.
We're currently experiencing a period of climate change. The forestry sector is probably one of the most promising sectors. You spoke of CED's willingness to invest in new forestry technology. However, nothing is happening, and I'm wondering why.
In my region, Resolute Forest Products has launched an initiative to produce cellulose fibre. Personally, I've been hearing about this for the past 10 years. There was talk of a revolution in this area. However, without the government's support, it won't happen.
I gave this example earlier this week to a woman who came to speak and whose name I've forgotten. I told her that this was done to make the oil sands profitable. A considerable amount of money was invested. When it comes to softwood lumber, why isn't there any money?
What does CED's forestry strategy look like?
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