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Lib. (ON)
It raises two issues relating to Canada Post: one, rural areas and servicing rural areas; and two, postal banking.
You're right. My mandate letter refers to working with the Minister of Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development to improve services in rural and remote areas. I come from Nova Scotia, from a rural town, and it's exactly the type of thing that I'm sure you're thinking about.
Canada Post has a new vision and it is to remove the rural surcharge for remittance services, which would ensure equivalent pricing between rural and urban markets, and Canada Post has already taken this step. We know more work is to be done. I'm sure that's why it's in my mandate letter. I'm eager to deliver on the commitment.
In terms of Canada Post and postal banking, we've heard loudly and clearly from Canada Post that it should focus its efforts on excellence in service and its core functions, and we agree with that.
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