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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much for the question.
As I wanted to say in my opening remarks, it's very important to realize that our government is committed to a sustainable environment and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. How that plays out in PSPC is very important.
As you know, we are in charge of a large component of real estate. We're developing a strategy to power federal buildings with 100% clean electricity, where available, by 2022. We're modernizing the energy system that serves government buildings in the national capital region as well, which is outside of the buildings I visited in Toronto that I mentioned in my opening statement.
What else are we doing? We are investing in major retrofits to federal buildings that will contribute to low-carbon operations. As the ministry in charge of the government's fleet, we are working to replace vehicles in that fleet with green alternatives, such as electric and hybrid vehicles. We are putting in place the infrastructure that is needed when you have a fleet that is operating on a hybrid basis.
You can see that in the portfolio, across government, we are taking this very seriously.
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