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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much.
Good morning.
Mr. Chair, I would like to congratulate you, along with the vice-chairs and all my colleagues, for your appointment to this important committee.
I feel very honoured to have been invited by the Prime Minister to join his cabinet and serve as Minister of Public Services and Procurement.
With me today are Bill Matthews, deputy minister; Marty Muldoon, chief financial officer; Michael Vandergrift, associate deputy minister; André Fillion, assistant deputy minister; and Marc Lemieux, assistant deputy minister.
As you know, PSPC is the government's central purchasing agent, linguistic authority and real property manager. It is also the treasurer, accountant, integrity adviser, and pay and pension administrator.
PSPC acts as the engine that runs government. We often play an unseen but central role in enabling the work that our government does here at home and around the world. For example—and especially important in today's world—we are supporting the government in its response to the coronavirus outbreak. Among other things, we handled the chartering of three planes, which brought Canadians home, as well as contracts for nursing services, materials and support for returning Canadians.
I am looking forward to speaking with you today, and I'm looking forward to your questions.
These are just some of the activities currently under way to support the government and deliver results for Canadians.
Honourable colleagues, I thank you for your attention.
I would be pleased to take your questions.
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