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Lib. (BC)
It's so important that we, as a Canadian government, can pay public servants accurately and on time. As we all know, there have been some challenges with that, with the Phoenix payroll system that was built in an old model, really, in terms of how we went about it as a government back in the early part of the 2000s.
Therefore, we made a decision as a government, a few years ago, to replace that system with one that was designed and developed in a different way, in a way that's consistent with digital principles, meaning that we would not just spend years putting something together and then launch it, only to find out that it was not fit for the purpose. We would actually do an iterative project where we are involving public servants and the unions, consulting widely and doing a piece at a time to understand which of the suppliers can actually deal with the complexity of federal government pay. That's what NextGen is.
We have reached a stage where we have selected a primary supplier, which is SAP. I also want to quickly make the point that, while Phoenix was narrowed and narrowed in scope to meet a budget and a timeline, and we saw what that did for us, we are not taking that approach. We are not narrowing it. In fact, this will be a hire-to-retire, full HR and pay application for our public servants.
We are now in a phase of putting together a pilot project to see whether SAP's technologies can work with the complexities of our federal government pay, and I'm not going to—
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