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Lib. (BC)
DOS, Cobalt...yes. The reality is that there is work that we need to do. We, as the Canadian government, are completely committed to putting the Canadian at the centre of what we do. As I was saying earlier, that's not just a technical change we need to make. It's a continuing cultural change to work across government and focus on Canadians.
Yes, there is a deficit in some of these older applications, some of the older software that has accumulated through the lack of investment over 15 to 20 years. The Auditor General pointed that out repeatedly and our government listened. That's why so much money has been dedicated to SSC, to do the foundational infrastructure and to upgrade step by step by step, but it's also why we recognize that it's not enough.
This focus on digital government is about bringing together all of the parties so that we don't have the policy-makers separate from the deliverers and CDS—
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