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Thank you very much.
I appreciate the preceding question. I think I'll pick up on that, because it certainly speaks to a recent article that talked about some of the legacy IT industries. It talked about how the complex array of existing programs and services means that future changes continue to provide Canadians with programs and services they expect, but there are significant pressures on these systems. You're facing some pretty significant challenges. This article cites that part of this problem is that officials didn't look to upgrade these old systems as long as they continued to work.
At another committee, the public accounts committee, I asked the Auditor General about the nature of the legacy technology they had. They stated that they were actually running on some DOS systems.
In your mandate letter, you were asked to identify all core and at-risk IT platforms. How do you define “core and at-risk”, and how does this definition vary between federal organizations? Are you running on DOS still?
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