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Lib. (BC)
I'm going to have a quick response to that and then turn it over to our CIO, Francis Bilodeau, to add.
Open government is the concept that if government works closely with the public through civil society and individuals in the public, we have a better engagement between government and the public. We have better accountability and transparency. We're utilizing the ideas and the objectives of members of the public. A bit more than that, open data also means that we provide data, as I was mentioning before, that government has collected for its own use. This is data that does not create any vulnerability on a privacy or a security level. The private sector or businesses can then utilize that data and turn it into a business where they can supply services to Canadians and make money from it. Open data is very good for the economy, but it's also good for the trust between citizens and their government to have that sharing.
Francis, can you add to that?
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