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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Chair, we're not necessarily against this. I'm just wondering how we're going to proceed as a committee. We've already had a subcommittee. We've adopted a report. We would ask Mr. Aboultaif kindly if he can postpone and maybe we can discuss when we want to do this, because my understanding is that we already had a plan up until June, so I'm just wondering what the timeline is on this.
I know that the minister is here, and it's great to present motions, but we've had discussions with your colleagues in the past, specifically about the work plan, so now we come up with this and we're blindsided essentially. We're not necessarily against it, but can we have the chance to discuss this and then vote on this later? I know that it's up to the member, but we would appreciate the collaboration on this.
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