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Based on the speech of the minister and being the shadow minister for digital government, I had the opportunity to meet with some members of the department, as well as with the stakeholders, learning that we are falling behind on this. This is, of course, not a partisan issue. It will never be because this is about how we modernize and how we digitize our government further. Compared to similar economies in the world, we are really behind. We don't know where we can go in the next 10 to 15 years to be able to fully modernize, not just for now but for the future. Digital is not just now but always.
Therefore, a study of such will help all of us. It will help the minister, will help us and will help our colleagues across the borderline to be able to understand what's going on and to have the proper assessments, especially in departments like old age security, employment, CRA and others. I think it's very critical for us to do that, and I think that such a study will do no harm. Rather, it would help a lot to improve, and as I said, make the awareness more public to our House of Commons and to all the stakeholders.
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