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Thank you for being here. Your role is vital to our democracy. My former colleague Pat Martin used to say that access to information was the oxygen and lifeblood of the democratic process. With every government that comes in, including this latest one, its first promise is open government. Then the first thing they do, when they realize that open government means that people can ask questions about bad decisions, is to start to try to find all manner of ways not to have open government.
There are a number of tricks. Cabinet confidence, I think, is section 23. No, that's solicitor-client confidence; that's the second one. There's solicitor-client confidence, cabinet confidence, and then the great black hole of ministerial offices. That used to drive the former commissioner, Madame Legault, crazy, how it could be that anything that goes on in a minister's office had to be protected from the public finding out. That's where all the decisions are made.
Under Bill C-58, did any of that change?
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