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We have a number of foreign students coming to our region. They've added immensely to our communities. I wonder if this is a question for our committee or for immigration, because I question whether this is a denial of service based on language or a question of the areas where immigration is going to pay closer attention to whether or not the students are able to meet certain criteria. I'm not presupposing this, but from the immigration work we do in our offices, we know it's easier from certain countries and not as easy from other countries.
That's the question. If rejections at CEGEP are higher than those in other regions, that may be a question within the province. However, I raise as an issue that these are questions that may be within the purview of the immigration committee to look at, because they look at these issues in terms of rights and how we are accessing....
We certainly are working very hard in our region to bring African francophone immigration to our region to build up the francophone community. We have a francophone college that does excellent work with it. I would ask people to consider whether this is for the immigration file.
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