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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much. It is a challenging problem, as you know, and obviously you do, given that you're from an area that has rural communities. I too represent a riding that has half of a large city, or I guess a smaller city, and many rural communities. I hear first-hand about the struggles people have to accessing primary care, especially the farther they get away from a centre.
Part of this is working with provinces and territories to make sure that we set some standards around care. The investment that we'll be making, that we've made through the Canada health transfer by almost $10 billion, the increase, can help and go a long way. It can stimulate innovation as well, in terms of how we reach those people in a farther, more remote area. I think that stable, predictable, long-term funding does represent a major step forward toward better health care and health outcomes for Canadians.
I will say that the item in my mandate letter that is very exciting to me is actually around access to primary care. As I meet with various different health ministers from across the country, I see there is a lot of work being conducted in this area, and there are some very interesting and innovative ideas that I will be happy to share with you when I come back to talk about that item specifically.
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