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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much. It's such an important conversation, and one that few Canadians are aware of, that the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance is truly a threat to Canadians' health. That's why we've been committing to using antimicrobials responsibly.
As you know, though, right now there is a surge on hand sanitizer, which is not helpful in terms of the work that we're doing to reduce the use of things that contribute to the growth of antimicrobials. Of course, during certain situations we see an increase in the use of these products, but it's more than that. It's also working to improve data. It's strengthening the stewardship of antibiotics. It's using research and innovation to address the gaps and challenges. We look forward to launching a pan-Canadian action plan, which will give more detail about how we can work together with provinces and territories at local levels and with Canadians on what we can do to combat this growing threat in the coming months.
We continue to have those conversations because it is a complex issue, but it will require significant practice changes on behalf of all of us.
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