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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much, MP Van Bynen. Obviously, as a former mayor of Newmarket, you would know that the local level of public health is so critically important in the response to crises like this.
There is information on the website at\coronavirus. It's added to every day and has information about the current status in Canada. It has a number of different pieces of information for a variety of different kinds of purposes. We continue to augment that website as we discover more and as we have more to offer.
In addition, we have advertising going out through social media that is teaching people how to wash their hands and what to do about covering their cough. That will ramp up now with the additional $1 billion that was announced today. A component of that is actually to boost our ability to do public advertising to Canadians about all of the ways they can help contribute to reducing the peak and flattening the curve. I think that will be very important information for Canadians so that they can participate and feel they have a role to play, which they critically do.
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