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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much, MP Davies.
Listen, as I've said repeatedly and as our government has said repeatedly, no Canadian should have to choose between drugs and food on the table.
I have met with both. Obviously I have met with Minister Morneau many times but I have also met with Dr. Hoskins and I want to thank him, first of all, for the volume of work that he led, with the committee, to ensure that we have such a comprehensive report.
In budget 2019 we announced those critical next steps for the implementation of national pharmacare. We have been working with provinces and territories and stakeholders to get a better sense of how we create this Canada drug agency together. We have taken steps forward in terms of creating a national formulary and creating a national strategy for high-cost drugs for rare diseases.
I have had conversations with all of my provincial and territorial partners. I will continue to push them to work with the federal government to ensure that they agree that we need national pharmacare for all.
Result: 1 - 1 of 1

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