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2020-03-11 16:44
Minister Hajdu, you very skilfully answered my question earlier regarding the structural investments needed by the health care networks when it comes to health and providing care. They even agreed—and consensus is quite rare—that at least 5.2% would be required. Quebec has always said that it needs at least 6%.
You've invested $500 million today to support health preparedness efforts in particular. That's quite significant. A figure of 5.2% amounts to about $700 million.
However, we need recurrent funding. Your response didn't include a commitment in this area to ensure that people who have the expertise can benefit from structural investments to provide the necessary care.
If you create programs where you label the money, you then inevitably need an administrative body to manage the investment or program from coast to coast. Health care systems and networks need money, directly, on the front lines, on the ground.
Will you increase health transfers, as requested by Quebec and the different provinces, to 5.2% for all the reasons given earlier?
This concerns better public health management, medical assistance in dying, palliative care, and so on.
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