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Lib. (ON)
We've met with the City of Brampton, you and other Brampton area MPs, to talk about the challenges that the Brampton hospital faces. It is profound. It is not unlike other communities that are serviced by one hospital. I understand the struggle for Brampton residents in terms of getting the care they need.
The significant investments we're making, the $42 billion, for example, that I mentioned that will happen this year through the Canada health transfer is an important step toward improving health care access for all. The work we'll be doing ensuring that everybody has access to primary care services will reduce the load on places like hospitals.
I refer to my colleague, who very recently has practised at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Sometimes people end up in hospital or in emergency rooms, because they don't have access to primary care. They can't actually get a different level of care. The work that we'll do on improving access to primary care will also help decrease the burden on hospitals all across the country. I'm looking forward to doing that work with my colleagues.
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