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I'll tell you the reason I asked, Dr. Tam. Today, in fact an hour ago, I think, the Danish Prime Minister announced that a widespread COVID-19 outbreak could overwhelm Denmark's health system. I think we're seeing that in Italy. The are reports coming out of their ICU system being severely overloaded.
There have been alarms raised by the hospital system and by doctors about whether we have enough masks, whether we have enough ventilators, whether we have enough negative pressure rooms, whether we have the diagnostic capacity and whether we have enough critical care beds. I'm just wondering how you can properly plan for that, for the resources necessary, if you don't have an accurate assessment of the kinds of numbers, or at least the range of numbers, you're expecting.
Are we looking at 5,000 cases, 10,000, 20,000 or 100,000? Do you have that kind of assessment you can share with us?
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