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2020-03-11 16:04
You're aware that the system costs amount to 5.2%. The funding must be increased over a number of years if we want to reach that 5.2%. This would help us provide that care.
I'll now speak of the coronavirus in more detail.
You said earlier that, from the start, you've managed this crisis as if it were a pandemic. With all due respect, I doubt this very much.
Money can always be provided to help Quebec and the provinces manage the situation. However, the federal government must—and this falls under its jurisdiction—protect the public, properly identify cases and determine any restriction measures, particularly at the borders.
In that respect, the news isn't necessarily good, based on what we're hearing from the customs workers. Will you tighten up these measures?
Your current approach is to inform people and let them decide what they must do in terms of good practices to protect themselves.
When will the Public Health Agency of Canada take responsibility for tightening up screening measures and send clear guidelines to the Canada Border Services Agency officers working at the border?
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