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Lib. (ON)
I will remind the members that we have been acting as if we were in a pandemic since the beginning. When we noticed the small cluster of illnesses in Wuhan, we knew that this was an issue of significant concern. Dr. Tam is an expert adviser on the World Health Organization committee that continually reviews the evidence. We have been having these conversations daily. In fact, we have a daily call to connect about the situation in Canada and what kinds of decisions we may be asked to make. I will also let you know that the decision around events is a shared one. It is a shared one with local.... You can imagine that local communities would be quite concerned if the federal government were to take those steps.
The decisions that we make are commensurate with the risk. That is why the risk assessment tool is so important. It provides a guidance to understand whether, for example, there is anybody with coronavirus in the community and whether or not the decision to cancel that event is commensurate with risk.
Dr. Tam, would you like to say a few words?
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