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Lib. (BC)
First of all, if we go back into the defence policy, we committed to upgrading NORAD because it's a significant project. The only reason it wasn't done is that it's going to take greater study with the U.S. to decide what needs to be done.
The defence policy was about putting a plan in place where we actually have all the money that's there. What we didn't want to do was put out a plan that didn't have the money in it. That's why it was in the defence policy that we were going to get it done, and now it's in my mandate letter.
Having said this, now we have launched internally the plan towards how to get there. Let's not also forget that we've already made investments into the early investments to set ourselves up. We launched three satellites last year that would have been up a little bit sooner, but the company wasn't able to put them up. We have two more satellite projects. We're putting the right research and development up in the north. We're doing some cutting-edge research up in the north to take advantage of that. With regard to the Arctic and offshore patrol ships, we've now decided to purchase a sixth. The first one is going to be delivered to us as well.
There are the exercises that we're also conducting up in the north. Let's not forget the work that we do with CSE on the cyber side.
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