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Lib. (BC)
Showcasing that opportunity is very important. One thing I will stress that civilian aviation can't do is fly the type of missions that are flown in the air force. Everyone thinks about fighters. I've actually gone to the school where they teach our pilots. I don't know what's going to happen when the new Top Gun comes out, but a lot of people want to be helicopter pilots. I'll be honest with you; when I fly in the Chinook, I'm amazed. It's one of my favourite aircraft to be in.
When I have the opportunity to fly with our Hercules pilots in operational aircraft, I ask them why they are doing it and what the issues are. Their response will answer your question. They say, “Sir, we can't do this anywhere else. We're flying into small landing areas in Africa. When you get to do real things, that's what keeps us in.”
When we're doing more with our air force around the world and utilizing it—and, boy, are we ever—that's a retention tool as well.
To be honest with you, I get to meet people from all over. I am even seeing significant improvement in diversity as well, the more we reach out. I think it is an untapped resource that we're getting better at.
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