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Lib. (BC)
The reason I'm chuckling on this is that our cadet program is absolutely amazing. Even in my own riding, I have an air cadet program that started with just a few cadets and it's just ballooning. The diversity that you see there is absolutely amazing. I actually have asked the leadership: How are the cadets getting this? They're representative of their community, and there's interest there.
We do have to be mindful that the cadet program was purposely separated from the military, but at the same time, I think the military is like any other profession, and we need to be able to showcase this.
Part of it is bringing some of the programs back into it, for example, some of the glider training and the summer camps as well. The more you do in real activity into that leadership program, the more it allows them to learn about potential opportunities for them in the future.
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