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Lib. (ON)
Madam Chair, thank you very much.
Minister Sajjan, welcome back, and congratulations on your continued role as Minister of National Defence. Thank you for your service, and that of your senior management colleagues. A very special thanks to Lieutenant-General Lanthier as well. Very best wishes on your next steps.
Minister, you put it in very compelling terms, and I would like to focus my time on UN peace operations. You spoke about CAF capabilities and contributions. That's a very good way to remember the framework.
Vote 1(b) in the supplementary estimates asks for adjustments of just over $349 million. I wanted to use the occasion to get you to comment on our peace operations, particularly Mali and Uganda. This committee had the chance to visit and you had as well. Members of the committee went to Bamako and Gao last year and saw the tremendous capabilities of the women and men who served, including very cutting-edge work in bringing plasma into theatre. We had occasion to speak to a young female officer who explained to us just what that meant in our capacity to save lives.
How are things going on the concept of smart pledging our deployments and missions? What lessons have we learned? What's your vision for the future of UN peace operations and our contributions to them?
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