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Lib. (BC)
Yes, it's about the same. We're also looking at breaking it down by region. We want to be able to see any type of patterns we need to identify. I don't want to get into too many details here for privacy reasons, whether it's Rangers or a certain area. What was happening in the area? What was the command structure? Was anything going on?
We're looking at the wider aspect and drilling down to the needs and micro needs. I can assure you, in this case, we'll put in any type of resources that are necessary. We also have to look at other things as well, the steps we're taking. Peer support plays a very important role. I still stay in touch with certain people who need the support. I attend Soldier On events, which I did just recently, making sure that those programs are well supported.
VAC also supports programs, for example, the veterans transition network that was started and expanded in Vancouver. They also provide a lot of support.
It's making sure that we're as wide-reaching as possible, but also are able to support at the micro-level while looking at whether we have any regional issues as well.
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