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Lib. (BC)
I'll talk about March madness in a second—it's something that I wanted to get away from—and why it used to happen.
First of all, when it comes to running the military, we have the budget for that. Any operation that a government approves is funded separately. There is money given directly to the operation, so the operation itself is going to be successful. We have always made sure of that, and there are always contingencies in place.
Plus, as with the defence policy, we are prioritizing on the capital projects to make sure that we are supported. For example, there are the upgrades of all LAVs. Every LAV that the army commander has asked for has now been fully upgraded. Initially, when I came in, not all of them were allocated, but all of them have been.
We're moving on projects now for the support vehicles. We have brand new LAVs, but as you know, some of the ambulances and command post and engineer vehicles have been getting older, so now we're moving those projects forward.
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